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Phase One H25 from fotografermakanan.com

Review about Phase One H25 from practitioner, Albert Kurniawan.  As commercial food photographer, I discovered that this digital back is superb. I did not mean to down grade the DSLR camera, which I have been using it too. The quality of the result showing me that this Phase One H25 digital back has superiority compare to Canon 5Dmkii, Canon 6D.

At fist I don’t feel it is important issue. It’s just a small percentage of people notice it. Until I decided to test it by making a menu book for a japanese restaurant. The whole images was taken by Hasselblad medium format camera with phase one H25 digital back. At the same time on of the TV station was engage me to tell story about food styling photographer, what a coincidence. see the broadcast bellow:


See the Result of using Phase one H25: YUKI Japanese Restaurant, JJ Royal Brasserie, ILLUA Korean Restaurant, Pesona Alam, Bakso Solo, Bakso Uncle Charley, Bakmi Kepiting, Katsutoku, Liu San Singapore, Resto Nusantara

Result VS Budget

Is it result or budget that become 1st priority? Many prospect who contacted AKP marketing team asking why AKP charge such a value. Well let justify it, why we have to charge you with a very good value for your money spend:

  • We using Medium Format Camera (hasselblad). Medium format known for professional photographer. It is serous business camera for production of excellent image. Only prof want to use this camera, cause it is costly and need skill to use it.


  • 120mm Macro Lens from Hasselblad is the prime lense with superior quality result. This lense will show you great detail with very descend depth of field (sharp focus and soft blur transition). This camera will make your photo looks very lifely and 3D.

fotografer jakarta

  • Phase One H25 Digital Back, Professional gear for capturing image. This digital back has lots of superiority of capturing color. Great color gradation that other digital back don’t separate well. Red-Green-White and rest are well differentiate.


My Gear My Investment same thing with you Your Photographer is your investment for your future success in business. AKP spend lots of great amount of investment for the gear.

  • Camera system: camera, lenses, digital back, cable.
  • Lighting system: Power pack, light, lighting accessories. see AKP lighting
  • Camera and lighting support: Tripod, light stand, other gear.
  • Computer system: Laptops, storage

We believe these investment is worth to spend for our future business as well for our client. These gears combine with our skill and experience will be an absolute great for ensuring great result. These gear were bought with consequence of ROI for us financially. There is no word of not success for all the gears that has been invested. We believe it also same with you principle.