Food Photographer Jakarta for Liu San Kopitiam at Singapore

AKP, food photographer Jakarta had an opportunity to making food images for Kopitiam at Singapore. Liu San Kopitiam has many unique food dish. Albert Kurniawan did the stylist and at same time did arrange props and took the shoot. The photo session was happen at his kitchen studio. The owner and his team brought all the fresh and prepared materials for the shoot.


The concept for this kopitiam is traditional feel with simplicity. The style is homey look with showing detail of product. This images will represented the brand feel and its popularity as the traditional homey but professional. Simple and close to heart kind of daily food. The idea for this concept was develop instant after we chat before we start the food styling proses.




3D feel images shoot with Medium format

Food Photographer Jakarta Shoot with Hasselblad medium format and phase one digital back for quality. The lighting arrangement was specifically set up with 6 strobe lamps. Shadow and highlight was managed in way to make the image has its own characteristic. The 120mm lens was so productive in making the depth of field smooth but has detail and blur in certain way. It is complicated to explain what is effect what.



The result was simply entertaining, appetite, simple, direct to product and telling story. Hope you can feel and see it. Want to create food images like this? please contact AKP or keep seeing AKP portfolio for JJ Royal Brasserie or watching AKP on Metro TV