AKP, albert kurniawan photography profile 

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Albert Kurniawan is self learning food styling photographer, He started this photography business in 2007. Before this He was working for big brand such as Wendy’s, Pizza Hut as marketing 1997-2007. This 10 years made Albert get more in-depth in marketing for restaurant. His experience in managing brand and dealing with advertising gave him much knowledge about branding, how to create campaign as well proses of creating good image for menu book, print ad and TV ads.

His ability of food styling was discover during the TVC shooting, while there was scene of cheese melting through a crust of pizza. The team had a technical issue of making it happen and all of us were waiting for this happening. Suddenly his boss asking him to get into the kitchen to help. Then he made it happen by using mayonnaise. Since then he was so involve in food styling for every TVC shooting and photography. Then he knew that he has passion and talent for doing food styling work. This skill was developed time after time, learning by doing, reading and practise lots of book for food styling.

Photography skill was develop by attending lots of photography seminar, practise and get sharpen from project to project. The gear is also updated to a standard of international professional photography. He uses Hasselblad medium format with phase one digital back and phase one camera with p65+. He only shoot with medium format for quality.

The lighting equipment he uses Broncolor. One of the best studio lighting gear. The reason of choosing this equipment is Quality. Albert Kurniawan wants to see and give the quality result for his work.

1st excitement for the commercial use

His 1st work used for commercial was for BSC. The early days of his work as photographer, he told us he was so exciting and can not sleep well a day before. Now BSC is growing from small stall in food court to many shop in everywhere. Thank you for gave a shoot with AKP. See AKP work for BSC 

Now days AKP is working for many new brand as well the regular clients. See our project