AKP Fotografer Makanan using Broncolor and Visatec


Start humble with not right quality gear was a disaster for Quality Result

Since the first start of the business, AKP using the strobe light that is very affordable (China brand). Well We were start the business with zero money in our bank account. This humble start was a good experience for us all. We bought what the gear that is affordable and consider well good enough for our starting.

We all start with something that we can afford. Then along the way we learned that affordability is useless if the result is not good or not achieving what is necessary. Then as the business start to rolling we realized that the light system was terribly not performing right.

The client definitely want to have great excellent result and we were not delivering it right with out much efforts. The lighting system was not consistently produce great source of light power. The color temperature was complicated and we spend too much time in adjusting them.

We are looking for right gear investment for our success

We were searching the new gear that accommodate our need to be success in this business. Then we invest big in Visatec, a swiss made lighting gear used by many professional photographer. The light makes everything turns wisely great improvement. The result was magically great in color as well consistency.

This learning told us that if you want to start and had great chance of success You GOT to INVEST on what is Necessary. Lucky for us we upgraded our lighting gear as fast as we can before we got much humiliate our brand. In many case some business do not have opportunity to turning back to be on top again after they made wrong buying.

Now We are Using The Best Lighting Gear in the Industry

AKP currently using the best lighting gear in the industry, Broncolor. The same company as Visatec, Broncolor well known reputable brand in professional photography. AKP is now delivering the result with  best lighting gear. Why need to invest to get great result:

  • Color temperature of light. This color temperature  is 100% accurate in delivering right kelvin. Making each color vibrant and right.
  • Sharpness of the object, the right accessories deliver right sharpness to the object.
  • Consistency of the power. Each lamps will deliver right power and the most important it is consistent

Lighting gear combine with our expertise will deliver the result you can rely on for your success.

INVEST in What Matter MOST for Your Business, Which is Brand Image.