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Food Photographer Jakarta for ABUBA Steak


Food Photographer Jakarta for ABUBA Steak

This 2016 AKP Has project to update new image for menu book ABUBA Steak. As well new product. Food Photographer Jakarta did food styling and props styling as well for this project. The Idea for this 2016 was to show human element involve in food. This touch of human interaction for the food hope will make customer feel real and close to the product.


New product like Wagyu skewer was shoot in some various angle different than above. This year we shoot the new product with an option not in a plate. The idea behind was to explore the customer point of veiw to have more gourmet feel.


The new dessert was also shoot with top angle and daring to make it more artistic as well to provoke the customer to go beyond just ordinary presentation. Nice new product for ABUBA Steak.


Different colour of background was used to make the menu book has touch of art presentation. The white against white was also a theme of present feel. The play decoration of sauce in the plate was meant to be to create premium feel too.


The new pasta was introduce this year with touch of spoon lifting. In this way we show the inside of the product as well adding touch of people who eating it.


Like this fish and chips, the background is white as well with western feel cloth. Showing the feel of authenticates of the product it self, well enjoy


The new dessert was launched in time for fasting 2016. As breakfast fasting menu, this fruit bowl was a complete mix of fruits with syrup and vannila ice cream

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