Food Photographer Jakarta for Bernardi in 2016

It has been a while since last year, now Bernardi is back with a new recipe in 2016. The brief was not far different from what AKP, Food Photographer Jakarta had last year. Creating mouth-watering presentation for Bernardi’s products. Each product will be cooked to make a simple dish for every day enjoyment.  AKP had to make presentation accordingly to the recipe from the Chef.

Food Photographer Jakarta Shoot with 120mm Macro lense, Medium format Camera and Digital Back

AKP shoot with Hasselblad medium format camera, 120mm lens and Phase One digital back. The most favorite standard gear that Albert Kurniawan has been using for most of his work. This medium format camera produces a serious high quality result that is uniquely excellent. The lens  is a prime lense that produce lots of great detail and depth of field. How about Digital back? Phase One is well know for its quality and its color gradation. Read more detail about AKP gear’s  

Who is the Food Styling and Photographer for Bernardi 2016?

Many clients that has been using AKP’s service always questioning who is the food stylist? Who is the photographer? Well to answer it, let us talk about this issue.

Albert Kurniawan Photography is a unique distinct photography service. Albert Kurniawan has passion in food and culinary. With his background in marketing and business degree, he started his career in food industry, in large famous International food chain restaurant. His learning about food marketing combines with his passion in photography made him exposed to food photography.

Back then he told a story about his experience in helping the shoot and TVC commercial as food styling for his boss. His eagerness to learn about food styling and practise during so many TVC commercial production made his talent in food styling appeared to the surface.

His capabilities of understanding food and its concept is getting more detail since he played rolled as food stylist for all of his projects. So he is the FOOD STYLIST

Who is the Photographer then?

This question has the same answer. Let’s dig detail about his debut in photography start point. Albert loves photography. His first camera was given by his uncle Canon AE2. As a young boy, he liked to shoot and practice and this hobby continue till now. His learning and doing photography never ends.

He started with his little saving and loan from BNI credit card instalment to buy Canon 20D. Since then his venture in photography started. His learning and doing was a progress of attending seminar, workshop, learned for the success and of course reading lots of book of food photography.

Now Albert is full time dedicated to his passion in photography and food. Investing lots on gears and skill and has shown his strong will to helping other success in culinary industry by making a great food presentation photography.