Angle in us Indonesia by Food Photographer Jakarta

Renew images for Aangel in Us Coffee Indonesia, food styling and photography by AKP. Angle in Us has been shooting with AKP since 2015 and this year they renew some of their images, this four images are renew version of the same product that AKP shoot.

Renew your Images just like Angel in Us did this 2017?

Yes why not? the existing product that has been good and making money deserve to have second look. The renew image can be shoot at the same angle or other angle like from the top. AKP food photographer jakarta was obligate to re-foodstyling and re-photograph the images for the branding.

The same good selling product need to be shown different with new style or just a tiny different. It is good for branding to look it rejuvenate as well.

Many restaurant did it, usually when they change the design of material as well. If you like to do renew and rejuvenate your brand with new image please do partner us in.