Cia Jo Grill, Manado Food by Food Photographer Jakarta


Tired of eating just spicy with out taste? Try Cia Jo Grill Manado Food Restaurant at Kwitang Raya No. 29 see gmap. You will find a harmony of many spices in on dish. It is not only spicy but flavour aromatic blend. Indonesia has so many rich culinary and Manado food is one of them. Cia Jo Grill is not unique for Manado food lover, This restaurant is well known for  NO PORK and NO LARD. Chicken, Fish , Beef and Vegetable. Authentic local food that is served in a cozy decent place. You should come and give a try.  AKP, food photographer jakarta give a brief detail about the food of this new restaurant.

5 Manado Most Famous Food, style and shoot by Albert Kurniawan

Next 4 images bellow are the most famous Manado food ever known. Brenabon Soup (with beef, usually they use pork), Bunga Pepaya (Papaya flower), Cakalang Fufu Rabe (smoked fish that is iconic), Cumi Woku tinta hitam (Squid Woku with ink) and Kuah Asam (sour soup). This four are the one you should order when you are at the restaurant. All these images were food styling and photograph by Albert Kurniawan

Please ask the server for more detail about these 5 iconic food when you are there.

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