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Food Photographer Jakarta 2016


AKP,Food Photographer Jakarta 2016 For Lotteria

This Year AKP got a new burger to food style and photograph. The New Burger from Lotteria Indonesia. It so Fresh and has lots of vegetables. This New Burger has lots of sauce too. Albert Kurniawan made this stylist presentation for this Burger in his Studio. Shoot with Phase One camera with 120mm macro lens.

ikea-2016-6AKP,Food Photographer Jakarta 2016 For IKEA

Mid of this year AKP, Food Photographer Jakarta has 40 product shoots for IKEA Indonesia. all of them shoot in top angle. Using his Phase One Camera, Albert and team went to IKEA store at Alam Sutra. We Spend spend 3 days to cover 33 products. Some of them were dessert items

angle-in-us-good-morning-toastAKP,Food Photographer Jakarta 2016 For Angel in us Coffee

AKP has been shooting for Angel in us Coffee since last year, and this year we shoot new product for the brand. The new sandwich has its own tasty red filling. The Scheme of props design was created by the food photographer Jakarta

gelael-2016-gado AKP,Food Photographer Jakarta 2016 For Gelael Signature

This year AKP did many food styling and photography for Gelael Signature. Groceries stores that has a deli cafe that sell many ready to eat food. This year is for Indonesia food such as Gado Gado, Ketoprak and many others too