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Food Photographer Indonesia

Food Photographer Indonesia for Nom Nom Restaurant at Pontianak

AKP, food photographer Indonesia shoot for a restaurant in Pontianak. Nom Nom Resto is the new star at the city of equator. The Owner wanted to have some thing wild, different than the usual, want to have a break out of  frame. Here we go, AKP and team did what as the owner ever want. Hope you enjoy the see the result as well reading the story behind all this food styling and photography.


Food Photographer Indonesia, Selected plates and bowls for the concept

Food Photographer Indonesia suggested and selected the plates and bowls for the restaurant. We went to the store together and pick the plate for the presentation. We got the right plate for this restaurant concept hopefully you like as we did. Each plate were assigned for certain type of dish and become a presentation gimmick. The right plate set right presentation of each dishes


A week at Pontianak for the session, food photographer Indonesia creates the dish presentation

Food photographer Indonesia shoot it at Pontianak. We stayed there for one week and do marathon shoot day. 5 consecutive days from morning to night, never leave the set and need to be focus in creating the mood, concept and brand settle in presentation.  Lots had we been discuss along the day and many changes during the shoot to match up the presentation to what AKP had in mind.


AKP, food photographer Indonesia, not only food styling for the product presentation but also do prop styling for the shoot

As on stop food photographer Indonesia, AKP had 3 jobs to do. 1st, food styling for product, 2nd props styling for the set and 3rd food photographing for all. This job was serious task since we had to make a brand essence and positioning the restaurant in the market. The food presentation is a big deal for AKP. We have skill and experience in this important issue. The presentation design for the product will later on as the base model for the real presentation to customers. The owner and chef was very much involve in this part since this presentation will be used for restaurant.



Food photogarapher Indonesia did Top Angle shoot for ig and social media

Following the trend now days, AKP had initiative to cover the shoot from the top angle as well. The owner did ask why we need to take that angle. AKP team believed it will do useful for the social media like ig, pinterest or website even menu book. see the web site of 



Food photography is an art of design and photography skills for AKP, food photography Indonesia

For AKP food photography is an art of designing food presentation combines with photography as well the props styling. Food photographer Indonesia is always updated with the trend and creativity to create new concept. Be free to discuss with Albert Kurniawan for the concept of your food concept as well restaurant as he has a background in restaurant business.



See version of 45 degree angle in the page for nomnom resto