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Just Mushroom

It has been while since I shoot this, I have not published them in this website. Well hope you like it.

Just Mushroom from AKP, Food Photographer Jakarta

Food Photographer Jakarta shoot the mushroom in his studio, It was half day shoot. The idea is to bath mushroom with fresh water. Water should be freeze and still look sharp as well. Shoot this in food photographer Jakarta’s studio.

Here is the technical sheet behind the shoot. I used an aquarium for this shoot, the mushroom was hanging by a thin thread and the water was splashed all around it. It was fun and team work bonding day.

How to freeze the water splash? Well it is a flash duration kind of work. I shoot this with Broncolor Scoro with t01 1/10000. It freezed water for sure. For camera, I used Hasselblad medium format with Phase one H25 as digital back.


So if you have anything to be freezed just let us know, and we will freeze it for you in photo.


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