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Food photographer Jakarta |video in youtube

Food Photographer Jakarta has video in You Tube

Albert Kurniawan was interviewed live at Metro TV on 28 April 2016. He was been asked about food photographer business, see what he said about food photographer business and its aspect and challenge.

Food Photographer Jakarta explained all about skill that is needed for becoming food photographer. Please watch this video bellow. Thank You Metro TV for Sharing his view for many others, see detail about this Invterview


AKP published video portfolio 2016 part A on You Tube Channel. It is a demand from a client to show to his boss. As we grow older in this food photography business, we are mandatory to do what is good to make AKP more accessible. Please watch our recent video of AKP Portfolio for the 1st quarter of 2016 and 2015 works.


Long ago AKP also made a fun video of food styling, Albert Kurniawan was on action styling crab for on of his client. Have fun watching this video.


Albert Kurniawan also explaining about food photography step in BNEWs on TV, back in 2013. Food Photographer Jakarta sharing his opinion about how the steps to do food photography as well what is the critical.


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