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Food Photographer Jakarta for Indonesian food


Food Photographer Jakarta for Indonesian food

We can do much to promote our local food internationally. One of the idea that AKP, food photographer jakarta is to promote it with camera. The initial idea is to make a couple photography images for local taste-food vendor around studio. This images want to be used for showing client what they can order while they in the studio. The idea just got bigger after this coming Independence day. For 70th years of Indonesia, AKP will commit to start making a photography of each local dishes that can be used to promote Indonesia internationally.


Pecel Solo, East Java. this is what have made me said albert kurniawan. Yes this is his favourite food. Made of Peanut sauce with touch of galanga and javanese brown sugar. Stemmed/ boiled vegetables, fresh cucumber and Peyek Kacang (peanut cracker).  How about the image bellow? This is Gado Gado Betawi. 100% tasty as it should. It is not just an ordinary gado-gado, it has the most complicated ingredient ever. Serve it with sago crackers and ketupat.


How about this Beef Rawon? Food Photographer Jakarta untuk Masakan Indonesia shoot this from top (in style now) showing all what it takes to enjoy Beef Rawon. This is also albert’s fav. The black beef soup, he always called it. You should try to order this when you are at his studio.  The rest of the image will be soto kudus, mie godog jogya, sop iga, iga bakar, nasi uduk semur jengkol and still many more…


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