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Food Freeze Photography

Food Freeze Photography by Food Photographer Jakarta

AKP, food photographer jakarta shoot food freeze photography for a restaurant in Jakarta. The inspiration was from the Instagram. We decide to do this for separator page in menu book. We set up the shoot at AKP studio. We did the preparation and set up the lighting for 3 days shoot. The challenge was to get all this ingredient as well water in good synchronisation composition in the final result.

We set up 2 light ( para 133 and par) connect to Broncolor Scoro Pack. We shoot with 1/7500 flash duration. The setting was simple lighting set up, We did diagonal light arrangement. It was a team efforts as well a good timing coordination between the drop of ingredient to camera shutter.

It is a full tech shoot and team work

To do Food Freeze Photography is a team work between human and technology. The concept was drawn for each ingredients shoot. Each ingredients was shoot separately then we digital imaging them. Well it was a good 3 days shoot and a week of post production. The freeze was happened because of the flash synchronisation that able to freeze the object.

The camera we used was Phase one 645df+ with P65+. Hope you like the result. @albertkurniawanphotography