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food photographer Jakarta

Food Photographer Indonesia

Food Photographer Indonesia for Nom Nom Restaurant at Pontianak

AKP, food photographer Indonesia shoot for a restaurant in Pontianak. Nom Nom Resto is the new star at the city of equator. The Owner wanted to have some thing wild, different than the usual, want to have a break out of  frame. Here we go, AKP and team did what as the owner ever want. Hope you enjoy the see the result as well reading the story behind all this food styling and photography.


Food Photographer Indonesia, Selected plates and bowls for the concept

Food Photographer Indonesia suggested and selected the plates and bowls for the restaurant. We went to the store together and pick the plate for the presentation. We got the right plate for this restaurant concept hopefully you like as we did. Each plate were assigned for certain type of dish and become a presentation gimmick. The right plate set right presentation of each dishes


A week at Pontianak for the session, food photographer Indonesia creates the dish presentation

Food photographer Indonesia shoot it at Pontianak. We stayed there for one week and do marathon shoot day. 5 consecutive days from morning to night, never leave the set and need to be focus in creating the mood, concept and brand settle in presentation.  Lots had we been discuss along the day and many changes during the shoot to match up the presentation to what AKP had in mind.


AKP, food photographer Indonesia, not only food styling for the product presentation but also do prop styling for the shoot

As on stop food photographer Indonesia, AKP had 3 jobs to do. 1st, food styling for product, 2nd props styling for the set and 3rd food photographing for all. This job was serious task since we had to make a brand essence and positioning the restaurant in the market. The food presentation is a big deal for AKP. We have skill and experience in this important issue. The presentation design for the product will later on as the base model for the real presentation to customers. The owner and chef was very much involve in this part since this presentation will be used for restaurant.



Food photogarapher Indonesia did Top Angle shoot for ig and social media

Following the trend now days, AKP had initiative to cover the shoot from the top angle as well. The owner did ask why we need to take that angle. AKP team believed it will do useful for the social media like ig, pinterest or website even menu book. see the web site of 



Food photography is an art of design and photography skills for AKP, food photography Indonesia

For AKP food photography is an art of designing food presentation combines with photography as well the props styling. Food photographer Indonesia is always updated with the trend and creativity to create new concept. Be free to discuss with Albert Kurniawan for the concept of your food concept as well restaurant as he has a background in restaurant business.



See version of 45 degree angle in the page for nomnom resto





food photographer Jakarta| dessert photography

food photographer Jakarta, dessert photography


Semakin banyak restoran yang sekarang ini menyasar untuk para wanita. Salah satunya Boogie di bogor.

Menu andalannya adalah dessert ala Bogor. Food Photographer Jakarta mendapat tugas untuk menata dan menjual dessert dessert Boogie dalam photography.

Sekalian juga pencitraan untuk branding. Foto dessert-dessert ini harus menarik dan bisa mencitrakan brand dessert house di Bogor ini.

AKP melakukan sesi photography ini di studio kami. Semua peralatan disiapkan oleh owner dan juru es dari Boogie.

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Food photographer Jakarta |video in youtube

Food Photographer Jakarta has video in You Tube

Today AKP published video portfolio 2016 part A on You Tube Channel. It is a demand from a client to show to his boss. As we grow older in this food photography business, we are mandatory to do what is good to make AKP more accessible. Please watch our recent video of AKP Portfolio for the 1st quarter of 2016 and 2015 works.



Long ago AKP also made a fun video of food styling, Albert Kurniawan was on action styling crab for on of his client. Have fun watching this video.




Albert Kurniawan also explaining about food photography step in BNEWs on TV, back in 2013. Food Photographer Jakarta sharing his opinion about how the steps to do food photography as well what is the critical.




food photographer jakarta |metro plus siang @ metro tv


IMG_4534 IMG_4514

Food Photographer Jakarta, Metro Plus Siang @ Metro TV

28 April 2016 was a wonderful day. Albert Kurniawan had a chance to share about food photography live in Metro TV. 16 minutes show was a good session sharing to audience about what is food photographer all about. Thank you and appreciation to Metro TV for the invitation.

Albert Kurniawan do a little demo on food styling and photography during the show.

 IMG_4525 2The food photographer jakarta shared about food styling and photography during the show. It was a brief session and simple. Only with 1 lamp and 4 mirrors, AKP team did style for Gado Gado, Albert’s favorite food.

The camera he used for the show was Phase one 645DF+ with P65+, with Broncolor Scoro and boxlite. Little demonstration hopefully inspire viewer about food photography is all about.

He set the aperture 4,5 with 120mm macro lens to show the blurriness and strong deep of field. the light power was set to minimum 0.1 to accommodate the result.

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Food photographer Jakarta untuk bisnis retail

bernardi dress up

Food Photographer Jakarta untuk bisnis retail

AKP, food photographer jakarta untuk bisnis retail anda? kenapa tidak. AKP membantu bisnis owner untuk mengkonsepkan ide advertising brand anda menjadi kenyataan. Food photographer Jakarta yang mau membantu para owner untuk membuat iklan di tempat bisnis anda dengan konsep yang mengena ke target market.

Benardi di tahun 2015, mengganti semua dress up di seluruh supermarket di Jakarta dengan konsep baru yang segar dan kekinian. Konsep ini dengan menampilkan foto foto makanan yang dikreasikan dari produk Bernardi. Penataan dan resep serta ide dari AKP.

Berapa Biaya untuk Membuat Iklan Dress-up ini? Food Photographer Jakarta memberikan anggaran biayanya

Ide dan konsep dari Agensi (BID, brand interactive development) perkiraan dari AKP : 5 juta

Food styling photography bersama team AKP (ide masakan, resep dan penataan serta foto 10 produk ): 13 Juta

Final Artwork dan design (BID): 2 juta untuk satu toko

Total semua : 20 Juta

Cetak dan pemasangan tergantung kisaran luas dari setiap bidang yang ditempelkan sticker.

Foto dan ide ini dapat dipergunakan untuk berbagai media yang diperlukan termasuk untuk Billboard. Sekali kerja dapat dipergunakanan untuk media lain seperti billboard, website, brosure dll.

Bilboard-Cibubur-Fix bernardi signage

Mengapa AKP memberikan harga yang sangat ekonomis?

Ide produk, resep dan penataan masakan oleh tim AKP dan tentunya food styling photography. lihat hasil resep dan food styling AKP di Tentu saja kami juga dapat meminta rekan rekan chef kami untuk membuat resep untuk anda bila anda ada budget untuk itu.

AKP memiliki prinsip untuk saling maju bersama client, itu yang membuat harga kami sangat ekonomis dan bersahabat. Pemahaman terhadap advertising dan branding merupakan hal yang penting dalam membuat foto untuk iklan. Didukung oleh pengalaman dan teman teman di advertising AKP bisa memberikan hasil terbaik dan memuaskan klien.


Food Photographer Jakarta |Dapoer Item @ Bogor

Food Photographer Jakarta For Dapoer Item @ Bogor


Soto Bandung at Daoper Item, taste as authentic as it should. Daoper Item is a new Bogor culinary serving all bogor favourite cuisine. When AKP, food photographer Jakarta got this project, we think this should be just another Indonesian food restaurant. After we had discussion with the advertising agency that handle the new brand, They want some thing different that just a food photography. The style and the picture they requested was special.


The style of food was simple and just the way it should be but the picture quality need very detaildapoer-item-nasi-goreng-rawon

Understanding what agency want and after carefully studying the list of product, AKP, food photographer Jakarta decided to use black background with all black plates and bowls. The background was so critical to get it right, we was tested several black background from paper to board. Finally we were all agreed on using black board for teaching in class.


The Food Style was simply natural but detailed

The food styling we proposed was a simple natural arrangement for all the products. AKP, food photographer Jakarta developed a tone and style for each food to match the concept given. To enhance the detail texture and color AKP, food photographer Jakarta created a special lighting set up to make this food looks sharps and detail.


Hard lighting was the direction

Understanding the character of its hardness and the need to create a sharp edges,AKP, food photographer Jakarta used a hard lighting setting. Using 6 strobe light combined to make the whole food glow.  We keep the black background unlighted and concentrate on the center of the product.


Hope you enjoy the photography as we did, and please come to Bogor to taste it, here is  the link

Food Photographer Jakarta for Indonesian food


Food Photographer Jakarta for Indonesian food

We can do much to promote our local food internationally. One of the idea that AKP, food photographer jakarta is to promote it with camera. The initial idea is to make a couple photography images for local taste-food vendor around studio. This images want to be used for showing client what they can order while they in the studio. The idea just got bigger after this coming Independence day. For 70th years of Indonesia, AKP will commit to start making a photography of each local dishes that can be used to promote Indonesia internationally.


Pecel Solo, East Java. this is what have made me said albert kurniawan. Yes this is his favourite food. Made of Peanut sauce with touch of galanga and javanese brown sugar. Stemmed/ boiled vegetables, fresh cucumber and Peyek Kacang (peanut cracker).  How about the image bellow? This is Gado Gado Betawi. 100% tasty as it should. It is not just an ordinary gado-gado, it has the most complicated ingredient ever. Serve it with sago crackers and ketupat.


How about this Beef Rawon? Food Photographer Jakarta untuk Masakan Indonesia shoot this from top (in style now) showing all what it takes to enjoy Beef Rawon. This is also albert’s fav. The black beef soup, he always called it. You should try to order this when you are at his studio.  The rest of the image will be soto kudus, mie godog jogya, sop iga, iga bakar, nasi uduk semur jengkol and still many more…


Wall Mural Golden Century AEON MAL by food photographer


Golden Century AEON MALL

Wall Mural Golden Century AEON MAL by food photographer

AKP got this project for creating a wall mural idea for Golden Century. A La-mien Resrtaurant at their newest coming soon location. AEON MAll BSD City is the place. Well, a big mural space need to be decorated with something attracting and create meaningful message. After carefully listen to the brief and collecting all data regarding exact location as well measurement, Albert Kurniawan and his team point this project as project “Screen”. The Screen needs to be telling story, needs to be attracting and needs to be function as decorative as well.


The Idea for Wall Mural Golden Century AEON MAL by food photographer

The idea for Wall Mural Golden Century AEON MAL was made simple by understanding the customer. We finally agreed to present the wall of production, journey of making a great dish. This idea started with learning customer behaviour by asking question, “do you know what it takes to make a La – Mien Dish”? It was interesting idea to start a project with a leading question to your target visual. Collecting all the presentable items to show the process of making. Did a scratch sheet for placement then it was done. We shoot it next week, and the owner agreed.

golden-century-wall-mural4 golden-century-wall-mural3 golden-century-wall-mural2

 The Photo Session Wall Mural Golden Century AEON MAL by food photographer

Due to its big size and need high resolution, AKP decided to use Phase One 645DF with 60mp digital back for this shoot. The images after shoot was process with the world best photography program capture one. Then all of the were joined together in one page.



The Final result is a huge wall at the Mall, please check it out.

Photographer Jakarta


AKP, Photographer Jakarta, for Food packaging

Albert Kurniawan Photographer Jakarta, had a project from nissin noodle Indonesia. It is a challenge as well a big responsibilities to change the packaging image. It has to do with a direct impact for sales and marketing strategy. The changing of image in the packaging is quite importnat decision.  Refresh the packaging can be a turn up or turn down effect. It has to be right and careful design as well image that is used.


Changing your Packaging is such a Big Decision. AKP, Photographer Jakarta helping in Food Styling and Food Image Capture

Like wise every change has risk involve and has opportunity uphold. AKP had a assignment to make this changing right in term of food image. The client demand to refresh the new look and change the perception of the product by food image. The project start with collecting the idea after the brief was given to AKP. As Food photographer jakarta, Albert Kurniawan start by understanding the similar packaging that was in the market. Learning by research is important for this project, since AKP will do the stylist as well photography.

We Both agree that the transition need to be significant from the previous packaging image. It has to be not only showing concept of spicy but showing appetite as well. AKP proposed some colour attraction food image and a right perception for the product. Separating this noodle to other category is important in the groceries shelves. We came out with a Japanese look spicy noodle that is colourful with ingredients.


The photo session took half day for this Gekikara Ramen for Nissin at AKP Studio

This photo session was quite fast and running smooth. The preproduction meeting and the preparation is the key for this smooth. AKP, Photographer Jakarta used hasselblad medium format camera with phase one digital back. The image that process with Capture One and prepost in photoshop. The result was amazing and everybody happy.  AKP, Photographer Jakarta decided to make this image as a frame in our studio (picture above), for our motivation.


jasa fotografer makanan


jasa fotografer makanan untuk restoran

Jasa fotografer makanan untuk restoran, Albert Kurniawan Photography. Pengalaman dalam dunia restoran membuat Albert Kurniawan sangat paham dengan apa yang ingin dilihat customer restoran. Pemahaman ini tentunya dimulai dari tahun 1997 ketika bekerja di restoran.  Seiring dengan waktu, pengalaman dan ketrampilan berkembang dan menjadikan tim AKP matang.  Jasa fotografer makanan bukan sekedar coba-coba. Jasa fotografer makanan ini ada karena AKP benar-benar mengerti akan bidang ini.


Asap mengepul berarti ada yang panas, AKP memahami kebutuhan restoran untuk menampilkan foto makanan yang menarik, menggelitik dan mengundang selera. Restoran Thaixtreme telah membuktikan hasil kreasi penataan makanan dan foto AKP membuat restoran ini tampil baru. Sama sama Tom Yum Soup baik foto yang diatas maupun yang dibawah keduanya memberikan sensai yang berbeda. lihat foto foto soup

AKP, jasa fotografer makanan yang benar mengerti tentang makanan



Salah satu menu lamien di Golden Century yang menjadi best seller setelah foto barunya dipublikasikan di menu boardnya. AKP, jasa fotografer makanan dengan layanan lengkap dari penataan sampai pemotretan. Sesi foto untuk Lamien ini dilakukan di central kitchen. Penataan setiap produk memerlukan hampir 1 jam, pemilihan bahan baku dan pemasakan. Foto lamien iga sapi ini menggunakan Kamera Medium Format Hasselblad 503CW dengan digital back Phase one H25. Pemilihan kamera ini karena owner memang mau HI-quality Output.


Hasil foto dengan Phase One H25 memang berbeda dengan DLSR. Lebih tajam tetapi halus dan tidak kehilangan detail walaupun di tempat shadow dan hilight. Hasil cetak akan sangat terasa beda. Lebih Lanjut seputar Phase One H 25 dengan Hasselblad CW503, klik disini